Personal and Job Profiling

There is no such thing as a generic recruitment and selection process that will attract and select the best people in any role, context or organisation. A successful process must be tailored to meet the specific needs of the role and the environment involved.

The objective is to ensure that the selected candidate fits into the organisation/ department and will be motivated by the role.  The starting point is having a very clear understanding of what it is in fact that you are looking for.  This entails identifying the type of competencies, attitude, thinking and behaviours that are critical for effective performance.

The key steps involved are

  • Draw up a profile of the ideal person who is most likely to naturally fit the role requirements
  • Design recruitment process specifically geared to attract this type of person.
  • Design selection process that can measure individual candidates against each other and the desired profile.
  • Analyse the needs of people within this profile and ensure the environment is designed to meet these needs.
  • Create the leadership style appropriate to the desired profile.

Personal Profiling –Understanding Yourself

Why is it that you seem to be able to communicate very effectively with some people and build trust and relationships very easily, whereas with others the opposite is the case?

What if you could understand others and adapt your style to very effectively develop rapport, communicate, influence and lead others?

Why is it that in certain situations you find it so difficult to stay focused and motivated whereas in other situations you find that you concentrate and are fully motivated at all times?

Personal profiling can help people to understand themselves and how their style impacts on others.

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