Exit Interviews

Exit interviewing is an important process to enable you to document the real reasons for an employee’s departure, secure undiluted feedback on key issues and highlight issues of particular concern that may protect the organisation against future claims.

Many employees, even at the point of exit, can be reluctant to tell a colleague or manager the real reasons for their departure. Directors and senior managers should be aware if there are any organisational issues underlying a departure. The quality of such knowledge gathering is improved if the reasons are accurately captured and analysed after the information has been shared.

Outsourcing the exit interview process to an independent third party can allow employees feel more comfortable in providing sensitive information, thus increasing the overall quality of the process. It can also free up valuable HR resources to focus on other activities.

We will work with the your existing documentation, or will provide a tailored solution if necessary. Interviews can be conducted by telephone or face to face as required by the client.

For further information please Email admin@feedbacksolutions.ie

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