Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee Opinion Surveys are designed to provide feedback to enable the organisation to enhance the people contribution.

We will work with you to

  • Understand the current mood and thinking of your people. The more you understand the easier it becomes to more effectively communicate, influence and lead.
  • Identify the “difference that will make the difference”. What specifically should you do more of, and what should you do less of.
  • Identify what you need to do to create an environment whereby your employees feel more engaged and where they want to and give of their best.
  • Ensure that your employees have a greater sense of belonging by having the opportunity to make their voices heard, improve their work environment and enhance the prospects for future sustainable success
  • Demonstrate that staff will be listened to and that you will act on their feedback.

A well designed survey process can greatly enhance staff engagement.

Using our  innovative technology platform we will tailor the survey to your specific needs, administer, analyse and provide feedback in a meaningful and practical way. In addition, we will make a series of recommendations to deal with the critical issues identified within the survey.

Getting a good response rate is crucial and we will work with you to maximise your participation levels using multiple promotion channels and facilitating multiple completion formats. To assist this we will provide staff communications to pre-frame the survey and highlight the importance of the survey, establishing confidence that action will be taken on foot of the feedback.

All responses are treated in the strictest of confidence, remaining completely anonymous and they will only be analysed within predetermined categories, reflecting existing organisational structures. This ensures an open and honest contribution by each employee.

A detailed report analysing the results will be given to the organisation. This will contain recommendations and draft action plan. A summary report will also be given. This will be in a format suitable for distribution to all staff, the detail of which will be agreed with the organisation.

If required a formal presentation of the findings can be given to the management team.

Interested, want to know more?

Before making a decision to conduct any survey contact us for a more effective tailored survey, better analysis, practical recommendations, all at a more competitive cost.

For further information please Email us at  admin@feedbacksolutions.ie

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